Alexys & Adam || Broadmoor Country Club, Indianapolis

This spring we had the pleasure of photographing two weddings back to back at the beautiful Broadmoor Country Club. We kicked off weekend #1 with the fabulous Alexys and Adam!! One of my best friends from college, Dana, is the Event Coordinator at the BCC, and she lovingly sent this fabulous couple our way! Boy […]

This spring we had the pleasure of photographing two weddings back to back at the beautiful Broadmoor Country Club. We kicked off weekend #1 with the fabulous Alexys and Adam!! One of my best friends from college, Dana, is the Event Coordinator at the BCC, and she lovingly sent this fabulous couple our way! Boy are we glad she did!! When I say that Alexys & Adam are the most genuine, kind-hearted people I am NOT exaggerating!! Not to mention SUPER relaxed!! Brides, if you’re feeling stressed about your wedding day and need some pointers on how to relax and have an incredible stress-free day – call Alexys! Ha! No joke – this lady knows how to keep cool! She did have an incredible entourage of support though – two great mama’s and amazing bridesmaids! 🙂
In the midst of a rather rainy April – we were blessed with the most gorgeous spring day. It was a little overcast throughout the afternoon, but after the ceremony and throughout the reception – the sunset was a showstopper. Literally – the fabulous Jim Cerone had some intense competition!! Gorgeous sunset out on the patio, or Jim and his mad DJ Skills on the dance floor!!!!?!?! Seriously too hard to choose. 🙂 Alexys & Adam had a great time mixing it up on the dance floor and taking time out for some gorgeous sunset photos.
One thing we’ll always remember about this wedding was how sincere and kind Alexys, Adam, and their friends and family were! We loved spending the day with them and got the warm and fuzzies when they each took time out of their hoppin’ reception to seek us out and thank us for spending the day with them!! We were overjoyed to be there and couldn’t have asked for a better start to our Broadmoor double header!! 😉
Speaking again of the Broadmoor – we are actually partnering with them, and Lilly Lane Flowers (who created all of the beautiful flowers for Alexys & Adam) – for remaining 2015 Friday weddings! We’re each offering 10% off for Friday weddings booked with all three vendors – feel free to reach out for more information! We love photographing at the Broadmoor – and shoot did you SEE those flowers?! We’d photograph those bad boys all day long!
Enjoy some of our favorites from A+A’s big day!

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